Hypnotic animation projects

La Danse
I wanted to make a "3D still illustration"

Blind Sun - Look at the Center of the Circle
I wanted to randomize the animation with a very slow movement.

It's the digital version of a flip-book I made using wood engraving.

Nils nihils danse

Still illustration of La Danse.

Nils nihils blind clouds

Still illustration of Blind Sun - Look at the Center of the Circle.

Nils nihils anim

Still illustration of Cri.

Nils nihils nils nihils la danse strobo

Stereoscopic image, see below for indications.

Nils nihils capture

How to use a Stereoscopic image like the one above. It's not that easy, but it worth it.

Different animations I did, mostly testing what I can do.

La Danse is the "augmented" version of a drawing I made. I decided to use animation to create a sense of depth and add music to enhance the feelings it can bring. I used Adobe After Effect CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Winterreise, by Cold world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUY8l52sfd4
I tried to put it as a stereoscopic image after seeing the ones of Theo Prins, you should check them too.

In Blind Sun - Look at the Center of the Circle, I wanted to have a movement, but not one going anywhere, just to represent the feel of the music (which is a part of Vanitas, by Sun of the Blind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrJjL... ) I also wanted it to be random and hypnotical, so I added the illusion in the beginning.

Cri is the animated version of a flipbook I made using printmaking. The scream is from the Black Metal band Gris.